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Pricing Structure and
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Estate Sale

The base Estate Sale fee is  thirty three percent (33%) of the gross proceeds of the sale for the services rendered with a minimum charge of  $660.00  (total sales of $2,000 x .33 =$660.00). There is also an advertising fee of $100.  Both will be taken out of the final sales.

Preparation of Items to be Donated

After the Estate Sale, we will call a local charity to pick up any items to be donated.  For an additional fee of $50 per hour, we will box and bag everything so it is ready to be picked up.

Final Housecleaning After the Sale

If you truly don't  want to worry about anything, we will provide a thorough cleaning of your home after the sale  for an additional fee of $100 per hour.  This includes bathrooms, floor, appliances, cupboards/countertopsand more


Because You Like to Be Informed

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